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  • UX Case Study Worksheet
  • UX Case Study Worksheet

UX Case Study Worksheet

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Perfect your portfolio!

Your portfolio is crucial to your success as a UX designer, whether it be to attract client or impress recruiters. You've got the skills, make sure you're showing them off well! This worksheet will help you put all your thoughts and design decisions on paper (or page!) and create cohesive case studies that demonstrate your talent.


Who am I?

Hi, I'm Ariana, a full-time product designer and recovering productivity app addict. Over the course of my career, I've streamlined my processes and developed simple, effective checklists to help me get everything done every time. Now, I aim to utilize everything I’ve learned to help up-and-coming designers build a career in UX and succeed in their entrepreneurial journey!


Here's what to expect:

⚡️ Lifetime access to this template, including all future updates

⚡️ A concise, easy-to-follow worksheet that you can use for every case study you write

⚡️ Must-have information, structure, and tips!

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